Limitless Relationships

Social VR

VR Dating App for the Metaverse

😜 Express yourself with avatar-based profiles
💕 Scroll through and connect with other VR users
👫 Go on amazing VR dates
🚫 Control who you meet with age and gender filters

Make a VR friend in 60 seconds 😄🤝

😜 Express yourself with creative Holograms
👫 Build relationships in one-on-one conversations
🚫 Control who you meet with age and gender filters

available on Oculus

Watch YouTube™️ Together in VR

Meet new people in the lobby 😋😝
Watch funny videos with friends 🤣
Watch a movie with your crush 👩❤️👨

available on Oculus

Like Geoguessr, but in VR.

Explore thousands of locations 🗺
Compete with friends and the community 🏆
Discover beautiful new places worldwide 🌋

available on Oculus


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