Nevermet has a strict 18+ policy

In order to create a safe community, every user must be 18 or older to use our products. We enforce this by age-gating all users under 18, reviewing every profile before taking a user off of the waitlist, and by interviewing our users before taking them off of the waitlist. If you suspect or discover a user in our community that is under 18 years old, please report them immediately to Any user found in violation of this policy will be removed immediately and banned. View Nevermet's Terms and Privacy Policy

What type of content is acceptable on Cheerio products?

We’re glad you asked. Cheerio has established Community Rules and Terms of Service for the content users post on our app. If you notice a post or message or content that violates these guidelines, please first downvote it (if applicable) and then report it for moderation by tapping on the police icon on the content itself. On Nevermet, users can be reported or blocked by pressing the "Report/Block user" button on the bottom of a user's profile. We appreciate your help in keeping Cheerio products positive, fun, and safe for all!

What can I do if I see a series of troublesome posts on a Cheerio product?

Negative content makes a poor experience for everyone – and we don’t want that! Please help out the community by downvoting and reporting objectionable content, but also bring the issue to the attention of our support team by emailing Please be sure to describe what you’re seeing and where you saw this content (remember to include screenshots if you can!) so that we can follow up appropriately.

What happens when Cheerio receives a support email?

We love hearing from our users! When you email, it goes to our user support team for review and follow-up. We generally review in less than 24 hours.

What should I do if I see a user threatening self-harm on Cheerio?

If you see a post that indicates a user is in physical danger, please contact a local authority immediately. If you are concerned but don’t think there is a threat of immediate physical harm, there are many ways that you can extend a helping hand – for example, by replying to the user or by pointing them to an organization like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

How should I deal with a user who is bothering me?

We want all users to have a great Cheerio experience! If you are concerned with another user's behavior, there are several options that can help alleviate the situation. On Cheerio, users have the ability to:

- Downvote the content that is not appropriate for your community. If a post reaches –5 downvotes, it is automatically removed from the feed.

- Report a post or message for things like offensive content, targeting, impersonation, or spam

- Mute and Block a user, by pressing “Not interested” during a Live Chat, or on the “Messages” or the “Meet People” tab. Or on Nevermet, press "Block or Report User" at the bottom of their profile. After that, no further content from that user will appear while you are in Cheerio.

- Contact Cheerio support by emailing

- Please see our Resources page for more suggestions

What can I do if I believe another user is impersonating me?

If you believe that you are being impersonated by another user, you can get assistance by emailing We will follow up promptly once we receive your request for review and the required identification.

What happens if I don't want to chat with a particular user?

We only want you to chat with the Cheerio Users you choose to chat with! That's why on Cheerio, you control who you meet by using “Filters” on the “Meet People” tab. If you’d like to block a user, you may press the “Not Interested” button at any time, and you will no longer see content from that user.

You can also contact our support team if you need additional assistance by emailin
g For more info on blocking and other tips, see our Resources page.